What Should an SEO Agency Do in 2020?

I’m proud to say that I’m in the SEO field for a while. While some industries are self-explanatory, it isn’t the case when it comes to the digital marketing industry. The field is exposed constantly to changes that happen rapidly such as digital technology, Google algorithms, and of course, consumer expectations.

When I tell anyone (friends, family, and business owners) that I work in this field, I always get asked two questions:

What should such a company do?


How to choose the right SEO company?

Since SEO is a must-have, I will explain what an SEO agency should do – at least an agency similarly to RankingBuddy – should be able to do.

So, let’s get to it.

So, what should an SEO Agency do?

It’s true that every SEO agency is different in their approach. However, all businesses working in this field will want to grow your business, online. The difference between a novice and expert SEO agency is the services they provide.

When you’re looking for such an agency, you should look out for the following services:

  • Structure analysis of the website
  • Conversion rates influenced by the content on the website (content analysis)
  • Off-page audit
  • Optimization and improvement of the website’s structure
  • Improvement of the existing content
  • Improvement of link building, social signals, and other factors

Now that you have an idea of what services you should be offered, let’s get a clear understanding about each service.

Structure analysis of the website

I must mention that even though Google and other search engines such as Bing (Bing is trying very hard to remain relevant but at least they’re trying) mention that you should create a website that is user-friendly as much as possible, you have to be careful.

You cannot create a site that is easy to manage by users if the search engines cannot read them to get the website to those users. After all, for the website to be user-friendly, it also has to be search engine friendly first. The team at RankingBuddy will look out for the following:

  • Analytics – To provide the right results for your particular needs, we will install analytics tracking. So, you will know the exact place the sales are coming from.
  • Robot.txt – Such file will prevent search engines from indexing pages that should be hidden from the public’s eyes.
  • Errors – The site errors are like signals. These will make the search engines understand that your website cannot be trusted, thus, it shouldn’t have a premium spot on the search list.
  • Indexed pages – The indexed status will show us whether the crawlers have found the website’s pages and deemed them as worthy. The pages that are approved will show up in the search results. Consequently, driving traffic to your site.
  • Speed – As mentioned above, the search engines will want the site to be user-friendly. Thus, having a fast page speed will make your site rank higher.
  • Elements – Small details make a world of difference. So, we will look out for meta’s, content quality, and tag errors. All elements will be optimized for better click-through rates.
  • Rates – We will do a lot of A/B testing to find out what drives conversion rates and what works better for your particular needs.

Now, let’s move on to the content.

Conversion rates influenced by the content

After the technical stuff, the creative team members come to play. By analyzing the content that already exists on your site, we can find the following:

  • Duplicated content
  • Keywords that are not targeted properly
  • Content that is not ranked as expected
  • Whether the content is voice compatible
  • Pages that are missing
  • Inconsistency regarding the content
  • Other elements

It’s essential to understand that content is more important than you realize. The content is what will make people come to your website and what converts visitors into customers. Once we analyze the content, it will help to figure out a coherent plan to move forward your site.

Off-page SEO audit

Once we have analyzed the technical and content on the site, the whole team will turn the attention towards building your reputation. The team will search where your site is mentioned. If there are negative ratings, we will show you how to reply to those.

The end goal is to ensure that you’re a reputable brand online even if you’re a small business offline. The following tools will be used:

  • Quality content written that keeps visitors engaged
  • Building online authority through different methods
  • A site that is user-friendly on mobile devices
  • Unique content throughout the site
  • Reputable link building

By getting every factor right, you will be surprised the amount of difference it can make to improve your online reputation.

Optimization and improvement of the website’s structure

To be ahead of the competitors, you must always look to improve and optimize. The good news is that sometimes online businesses have a good code in place. So, it doesn’t require too much work. When the team at RankingBuddy takes care of the code, you can rest assured as the experts are using their knowledge to work on your site. When it comes to optimizing the site’s code, we will:

  • Improve the navigation of the site so that the visitors will find what they’re looking for
  • Clean up the errors so the site runs smoothly
  • Remove the errors before the crawlers analyze the site
  • Add an XML map to the site to make it easier for the crawlers to navigate on the site
  • Ensure that the site has internal links

Improvement of the existing content

As mentioned above, content plays an important role. The structure of the site means nothing even to the search engine crawlers. To ensure that you drive organic traffic to the website, you need content that makes people interested to come back. By constantly uploading new content and optimizing the existing one, you are creating the perfect environment to drive leads and sales. Our creative team will:

  • Remove duplicated content from all of the site’s pages
  • Ensure that the right keywords are used and placed
  • Add engaging content to the pages that are not performing well
  • Create a number of landing pages that will drive organic traffic
  • Add graphs, infographics, and images to the content to improve conversion rates

Improvement of link building, social signals, and other factors

By now you should have understood that your off-site presence is just as essential as the on-site one. Thus, the team will work on the following factors:

  • Use SEO strategies to make your site rank higher
  • Update information to provide visitors with accurate data
  • Search and impose for valuable directories to implement on the site
  • Create press releases regarding the services and products that you offer
  • Exchange links with reputable blogs

Our work doesn’t stop there. We ensure that we monitor and analyze all of the data regarding your site on a monthly basis. If you wish, we can also discuss a daily and weekly analysis.

The data that is gathered will be used to determine an SEO plan that will help your particular website.

The Author
Cristian Simion
Cristian is the SEO Manager at RankingBuddy, where he manages a talented team of SEO and Social Media specialists who help our agency partners grow their businesses using the power of the Internet.

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