How to Use LinkedIn Like a Pro: 3 Steps to Take for Career Success

For many people, LinkedIn is equivalent to networking.

Thus, many people are still comprehensive about joining; you may have heard, “I don’t see the point of joining, I know my colleagues, and they know me.” But, the study by Pew Research Center says that LinkedIn usage is high among high educated persons (Bachelor degree and up) and top earners ($70,000 a year and up). These are the people you want to connect with.

Furthermore, the study also says that there are more users between the ages of 50 to 64-year-olds than the younger generations. Hence, the people that have signed up have more professional experience. By creating an account, you are increasing the chances of coming across a person ready to hire.

Since the rise of social media platforms, a CV isn’t enough. You will need an online presence. Don’t forget to keep it professional.

If you’re not interested in gaining a job, you can look at this platform as a way to connect personally with the executives from all Fortune 500 companies. 

Take a look at the steps below to find out how to use LinkedIn like a pro.

Step 1 – Complete The Profile

Think of your profile as your brand. Everyone that has a profile on the platform will be able to view it. Therefore, it’s essential to take it off private mode. If you want to further your chances, you can set the profile to be seen by anyone from external search engines. So, people can find your profile even if they’re not on the platform.

How to use LinkedIn - Step 1
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It’s important to mention that LinkedIn has an algorithm set that will show the profiles that are complete. Those with such a profile will get up to 20 times more views than those without a full profile. Follow these tips:

  • Photo – The picture must be of high resolution yourself. Hence, many choose a snapshot taken by a photographer. Be professional, face the front, and smile. You get brownie points for a friendly smile.
  • Banner – The cover image will help to give your profile a professional stance
  • Location – Don’t forget to tell people where you’re from and the industry that you currently work in
  • Summary – LinkedIn is generous and provided up to 2,000 characters that you can use; however, you wish. Of course, please don’t use them all but show others what you have to offer. You also have the option to upload a range of documents and examples to showcase your work.
  • Skills – Add your skills and get endorsed for them. It isn’t enough to brag about your abilities; it’s more valuable if others agree with your professionalism
  • Details – Fill in any previous work history and education

To take it a step further, you should also search-optimize your profile. Add keywords that are relevant to your profile. Sprinkle some of these words throughout your summary, and don’t forget to add it to the profile’s headline.

In case you have a website that fits with your profile, you should also optimize the anchor text. Doing this will increase the chances of improving the clicks on the website link. Don’t use the standard text, instead use words that will grab the attention of the person looking at your Contact Info section.

Now that your profile is complete don’t forget to use your Profile Badge. Link the badge to your blog or website to promote your profile. As LinkedIn offers several badge designs, choose the best badge that suits your personality.

Step 2 – Start Networking

Export your connections via .CSV or .VCF file to a management system. This action will allow you to track your contacts.

Another action that you can take is to use LinkedIn Groups. The rule is that you can send up to 15 messages to members within that particular group. Furthermore, you also have to be a member of the platform for at least 30 days and a member of that specific group for four days. Of course, this allowance doesn’t apply to replies.

If you wish, you can also view the profiles of those that are in the group.

In case you’re often considered a “free bird,” you can create your group. You can make this group to fit your specific industry. Grow the community by creating content that appeals to those with similar expertise as yours.

Since you’re an administrator of a group, you can email each member every week. The emails are considered “announcements” and will go straight to the email box.

Tip: Use SlideShare to deliver creative content with your connections. Such a feature will allow you to post infographics and unique presentations.

Step 3 – Stay Active

It would be best if you stayed on top of things. Be generous and give recommendations when it’s the case. In general, you should have at least five suggestions for your abilities. Ask your formal employers to write these. Furthermore, it would be best if you also had several endorsements for the recommendations to have value.

Additionally, you should also snoop around. Use Saved Searches feature to save up to 10 job searches and three people searches. By doing this, you can search for the job easier, and you also get reminders about it.

In case you are using the platform for a job search, you should do some research before applying. To do this, you will have to look for the former employees at the company. Have a look at their profiles as it can give you an insight into the company and its culture. If you’re the person that wants to do the hiring, take a look at the person’s connections, and you may find someone that you know on a personal level. Ask them about the potential employee.

It’s also important to remind your connections that you’re still there. Thus, it would help if you focused on sharing links and relevant articles regularly. In case you are hired, update your new position. After all, this is an excellent accomplishment to boast about.


Since you’re in a professional setting, it’s essential to understand how to use LinkedIn. Create and maintain an excellent reputation to avoid wasting time. Additionally, when posting an article, make sure it’s not false news. Some articles are click-bait, and you shouldn’t fall for it.

On this platform, honesty is the best policy; don’t oversell yourself as you may put you and others in an awkward position. However, saying you’re unemployed isn’t appealing, you should instead highlight that you’re looking for a new job. 

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